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Ear Infections in Blue Bell and Spring House

425x425 placeholderMost children experience at least one ear infection by the time they are three. This common problem can be a source of discomfort and concern for both children and parents.

At Community Chiropractic Center, we offer gentle chiropractic care that can make a significant difference in managing and preventing recurrent ear infections.
Our approach to care focuses on addressing stress on the spine and nervous system, which can impact overall health, including the frequency and severity of ear infections.
Chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective for children, providing natural relief without reliance on antibiotics or invasive procedures like ear tubes.

Why Are Children More Susceptible?

The Eustachian tubes in a child’s ears are significantly smaller than adults, have not fully developed, and lay flatter, so fluid drains out with more difficulty and may swell and get blocked by mucus, causing serious problems. Also, their immune system isn’t fully developed, so it doesn’t work as effectively as that of adults, leaving them unable to fight off ear infections.

Most ear infections are bacterial in nature, but other factors include colds, allergies, smoking, and excess mucus. Typically, ear infections occur when a child has an upper respiratory infection. A child who’s caught a cold or one who’s battling a sore throat is likely to get this infection.

Keeping a Watch Out for Symptoms

Symptoms a child might be suffering from an ear infection include

      • Trouble sleeping
      • Fussiness and crying
      • Tugging or pulling on the ear
      • Unable to hear low-decibel sounds
      • Pus-like fluid drains from the ear
      • Fever, especially in newborns and younger children
      • Pain felt in the ear
      • A feeling of pressure inside the ear
      • Lack of body balance
      • Changes in mood/mood swings

Results You Can See

One of our young patients had been struggling with recurrent ear infections despite multiple rounds of antibiotics. His mother, seeking an alternative to ear tubes, brought him to us, hoping for a solution. After starting chiropractic care, the frequency of his ear infections drastically reduced. He went over a year without any ear infections, a remarkable improvement according to his medical history.

Even when a brief interruption in care led to another ear infection, consistent chiropractic care afterward has kept him free from ear infections since, even now, as an adult, highlighting the potential of chiropractic care in managing pediatric ear infections and promoting long-term wellness.

Our Focus Is on the Child

Don’t let ear infections disrupt your child’s well-being. At Community Chiropractic Center, we offer safe and effective chiropractic care that can relieve and support long-term ear health. Schedule a consultation today and give your child the gift of gentle, natural care.

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