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Community Chiropractic Center Services

Chiropractic Care

back with spine illustrationOur bodies are complex machines with various moving parts working together to function correctly. When a part starts to hurt or not function properly, it can have a cascading effect across different regions of your body. A skilled chiropractor can apply the chiropractic techniques they have learned and perfected to address the underlying issues and give you the pain relief you need. Community Chiropractic Center is well-versed in various proven chiropractic techniques and is the right team for the job.

We offer a variety of chiropractic techniques to meet our patients’ needs and comfort levels, and we incorporate supportive therapies as needed, including electrical muscle stimulation and traction. Our family chiropractic practice also provides home exercises and lifestyle recommendations to facilitate your optimal healing.

Pediatric Chiropractor

It’s not only adults that can benefit from our expert chiropractic techniques — but children can also benefit. A pediatric chiropractor can apply similar techniques for adults and help the children feel relief.

Children can live a rough and tumble life, playing games, sports, and climbing on things they shouldn’t that can potentially lead to aches and pains. An experienced pediatric chiropractor can use chiropractic techniques such as spinal adjustments, trigger point therapy, and joint manipulation to address their aches and pains. Our team can potentially help them get the pain relief they need to get back to being a kid in no time.

Chiropractors for Pregnancy

Just as pediatric chiropractic care can prove helpful for children, chiropractors for pregnancy can prove equally as beneficial. Pregnant women undergo a slew of hormonal and bodily changes as life grows inside of them. With changes to their center of gravity and carrying a baby to term, joint pain during pregnancy is often expected.

Our trained chiropractors for pregnancy have the skill, tools, and experience to ensure that all the chiropractic care our pregnant patients receive is suitable for both them and the baby. We’ll help you feel relief from your joint pain during pregnancy and ensure you feel your best until the delivery day comes.

Sports Chiropractor Therapy

No matter what age you are or what sport you play, sports injuries are part of the risks you take. One wrong move or overexertion can lead to an injury that keeps you off the field for an extended period. However, your path back to the field can potentially be quicker with a trusted sports chiropractor in your corner.

Our expertly trained sports chiropractors know how to treat deep tissue and muscle injuries that can potentially keep you off the field for an extended period. We target the muscle groups that feel tense or hurt and apply our chiropractic techniques to help the area feel better. With regular care and rehabilitation, you can get back on the field in no time.

Feel The Pain Relief Today!

Community Chiropractic Center offers our patients a wide range of family chiropractic services. Our mission is to use our proven chiropractic techniques to address your lingering pain and potentially give you the relief you need. Contact us to request an appointment and find yourself in front of an expert chiropractor today!


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