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Pediatric Chiropractic in Blue Bell and Spring House

What Is Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

Adjusting a childPediatric chiropractic care is the evaluation of children and their spinal alignment to help them maintain good spinal health and get off to a great start in life. At Community Chiropractic Center in Blue Bell, PA, and Spring House, PA, we treat kids from newborns through their teens, and each age group benefits from regular chiropractic care.

Newborns and infants are often dealing with the effects of the birth process, which can cause misalignments in the baby’s neck. Toddlers suffer the bumps and bruises of learning to crawl and walk. And once kids start school, they’re often carrying backpacks that are too heavy for them and spending a lot of time at computers or other screens and maybe playing sports. All of this takes a toll on your child’s spinal health.

Because children haven’t accumulated decades of abuse to their bodies the way adults have, we generally see very quick results when we adjust children. We encourage parents not to wait until their child is in pain, but to see us regularly for a spinal checkup, the same way you see a dentist for checkups.


The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids

Chiropractic care offers excellent results for many childhood issues like torticollis, ear infections and digestive issues. In addition, by ensuring that their spine is growing in proper alignment, we help your child’s long-term spinal health. We treat people in their twenties who already have degenerative changes in their spine as a result of poor posture as children. We’d rather prevent that situation than treat it later.

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How Do You Adjust Children?

We use very low-force techniques for babies and smaller kids. For teens, our adjusting techniques are similar to what we use for adults. In any situation, we consult with you and your child before we begin. We’ll ask some questions about your goals for care, and we’ll do a gentle exam to feel the spine for areas of misalignment.

At the second visit, we’ll go over our findings with you and explain our recommendations for care. For older kids, this will usually include some home-care exercises.

Our doctors are great at building rapport with kids, and we take our time getting them comfortable and at ease before adjusting them. We have a “chiro bear” toy that we can demonstrate on, and that the kids can also adjust. We’re never in a hurry and we will never force an adjustment on a child. We find that once they’ve tried it, most kids love getting adjusted.

Pediatric Sports Injuries

Chiropractic care is very effective in helping young athletes recover from sports injuries, and our team is experienced in working with kids playing a wide variety of sports. In addition, regular chiropractic care can help prevent sports injuries from occurring.

Safe Care for Your Kids

Chiropractic is safe and very effective for kids and we monitor progress, so if your child isn’t responding to our care, we will refer you to a different type of provider. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child at our Blue Bell or Spring House office.


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