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Every Question (And Answer) You Had About Spinal Adjustments

When it comes to chiropractic care, patients have a wealth of questions and often no direct way of getting the answers they need. Finding a trusted source for these answers can help people make a more informed decision on where they treat their sciatica nerve back pain and other ailments. Community Chiropractic Center is here to offer answers to your most pressing questions regarding your future chiropractic care!


What is a Spinal Adjustment, and How Does it Help?

Spinal adjustments are the main form of treatment you receive from your physician during your chiropractic care. These chiropractic adjustments aim to address various trouble spots in your spine that may contribute to your ongoing pain. Whether it’s targeted neck pain, reduced range of motion, or a soft tissue issue, your chiropractor can perform a series of adjustment techniques to address the root causes of your pain. 

The spinal manipulation techniques performed by our expertly trained chiropractors aim to help you feel the relief you need from whatever back, neck, or head-related ailment you currently suffer. 

How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Typically Run For?

The length of treatment depends entirely on the nature of the injury and how you respond to the chiropractic techniques. For example, if the back pain stemmed from something like a car accident, your physical therapy and chiropractic treatment might take longer than if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The severity of the initial injury will determine everything from the initial treatment plan to the length of your treatment. 

Is There A One Size Fits All Approach For Chiropractic Care?

Every person is different, and so is your chiropractor’s approach to each of their patient’s treatment plans. Every person has different conditions, pain causes, muscular structure, and underlying conditions that can significantly affect how a chiropractor approaches their treatment. A standard approach to each unique patient wouldn’t yield the best results for everyone, and it’s why most chiropractors approach developing treatment plans for each patient differently. 

Why Do I Hear A Popping Sound When I Get My Adjustments?

Whether you are cracking your knuckles or receiving chiropractic treatments, if you hear popping sounds, there isn’t any need to worry. The popping sounds come from when you displace the air pockets that form in between your joints and the bones. Contrary to old wives’ tales, the popping doesn’t signify any long-term damage. The cracking in your knuckles or the popping during treatment does not cause arthritis, nor does it signal any long-term damage to your spine.

Do I Need A Referral For An Appointment?

When you look to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care, you might wonder if a doctor’s referral is required to get into the door. For the most part, you need to check with your insurance plan to figure out if they have referral requirements for chiropractic care appointments. However, with the various coverage options available, each plan can have different requirements that affect your ability to schedule an appointment and have it covered by your insurance provider. We also see many patients without insurance and encourage any first-time patients to take advantage of our $49 new patient special, so you can meet with our doctors and see how chiropractic care can help you.

If you have additional questions about chiropractic care or want to schedule an appointment with one of our staff, contact Community Chiropractic Center today! 

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