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Why Does My Neck Hurt? The Five Most Common Causes of Neck Pain

One of the most common ailments that people bring through Community Chiropractic Center’s doors is neck pain and discomfort. Having a full range of motion in your neck and being able to turn your head from side to side can sometimes be things that we take for granted until we can no longer stay pain-free while doing them. Neck pain can come suddenly or consist of a lingering pain that continues to persist. Knowing the most common causes of sudden and chronic neck pain can help you figure out what to do to fix the issue. 

Muscle Strains

Our posture throughout the day and how we go about our work plays an essential role in how often we suffer from neck pain. For those sitting at a desk for extended periods, with their neck in one relative position for the entire time, your neck muscles are going to get strained. The constant peering over computer keyboards, screens, and phones means that your neck hasn’t had the time to be in a relaxed state, thus triggering these moments of pain. 

It’s in the Joints

As with the rest of our body, the joints in your neck wear down over time. The older we get, the more prone we become to neck pain. It’s a natural part of growing older, but that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck dealing with that pain for the rest of our lives. 

Nerve Compression 

The body is a series of interconnected systems that work together to keep us moving. While this is readily apparent when our bodies function without issue, it also works in reverse, as injuries in your spinal column can become contributing factors to your neck pain. Bulging disks and bone spurs throughout your vertebrae triggering instances of neck pain can be fairly common. 

Injuries from Car Accidents

People who have been involved with car accidents know that the potential for lingering injuries and issues is high depending on the severity of the crash. With conditions such as whiplash being the most common, our necks can suffer a good deal of trauma after a car accident. The sudden violent backward and forward motion involved with whiplash can cause strains and persistent pain in your neck muscles. 


Though less common than the physical trauma-based causes, neck pain can be traced back to some diseases. On occasion, neck pain can indicate more significant conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, and certain cancers. If you think that your neck pain could be an indication of a more serious underlying condition, contact your doctor immediately. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Neck Pain

Dealing with chronic neck pain shouldn’t have to be a one-person battle. The neck pain relief you have longed for is only a phone call away. Our team at Community Chiropractic Center will perform a series of spinal manipulations and adjustments to find the spot that’s causing your pain and provide you with that needed relief. 

If you currently suffer from chronic neck pain and want to start feeling relief as soon as possible, don’t wait! Contact Community Chiropractic Center and schedule an appointment today!

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